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Mama of a heart warrior | CHD AWARENESS | CHD shirt

Mama of a heart warrior | CHD AWARENESS | CHD shirt

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Mama of a heart warrior tshirt....Since becoming a heart mama myself life has changed...I look at life in a totally different way..My son has changed my life..Love longer and enjoy those little moments more...

I use professional grade HTV ( heat transfer vinyl) and its pressed into the shirt with a heat press.

Maglio by Design is NOT responsible for bodysuits/t shirts that do not fit your child, it is not our responsibility if the bodysuit ordered does not fit, Custom orders are NOT returnable, period.


The items are strong enough to withstand normal wash cycles!

We recommend for the first few washes to turn the items inside out to protect the decal. If you are more comfortable with washing your items on delicate that is also fine.

*****Bodysuits and Tshirts do not come pre washed as we would not want to ever cause an allergic reaction to anyone's little one and we know all little ones are different and have different skin sensitivities. *****

Items are made in a smoke free house...

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